Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What it's all about

Jake and I have wanted to start a blog to review restaurants for a long time.  Ever since we began dating, over two years ago, we have had the idea.  I finally decided to start it.  Our personal blogs are through Blogger, so even using Wordpress is a new one for me.  However, I am up for the challenge and am ready to start reviewing.
Why Review?
We really like to eat.  Henceforth, we have become quite particular in what we have to come expect for service at a restaurant.  This has come to include the ambiance in the bathroom even.
What will we review?
Atmosphere. Ambiance. Service. Food quality. Speed of service. Bathroom. Aesthetics. Scope of Menu. Price. Location.
When will we review?
Whenever we try out a new place.  (We have a lot to catch up on!)
Who will review?
Either one of us.  Most likely me (Ashleigh).
And so, enjoy.  Bon Appetit! 
*Disclaimer-The following blogs will make your mouth water.   No serviettes provided.


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